We regret to inform you....

Dear GLLC members,

We are sorry to let you know that we will not be running the Great Lakes Lighter Club. After spending the past 2 months speaking with lawyers and tax accountants, we have learned that there are possible areas of concern that would expose us to unnecessary risk.
It’s unfortunate because we loved our friend Bill Kolk and wanted to carry GLLC on in his memory, but we simply can’t over look the risks presented to us by proceeding forward. We hope you all will understand.
If anyone is interested in running the club and not adverse to the tax risks posed, we would be happy to pass on to them what we have learned the risks may be.
You may contact Jeff by email at widowmaker@stny.rr.com for details.

Jeff, David, & Chuck

Please note, Bill’s family is interested in taking this endeavor on themselves, potentially. We hope everyone has patience as this could be a complicated and lengthy process.